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July 14, 2013


Khaleejia said: We have been featuring different designers of Khaleej and Middle East over the years and now we would like to share with you something really great: talents from all over the world who wish to be shown in one of the most luxury and fashionable city of the world Dubai can now make their dream to come true.

An opened Life-Style Concept Boutique in Jumeira Road is made to help all kind of creatives to show off their creations in a very convenient and well known location Jumeirah where they will be able to sell & present their masterpiece, as well as directly interact with their customers, get advice from the experienced designers, get business professional support, trade licenses and not less important media coverage and other assistance that will help in promoting their brand. Products that designer want to display on the boutique's website will be available for online orders with worldwide shipping. 

The Life-Style Concept Boutique welcomes as many as place can fit. Despite the competition and challenge between the participant Judges are looking forward to bring owners from all fields of life-style products, would it be apparel, accessory or fashion designers;  artists, photographers, home decor companies, event planners, perfume makers or other.

If you are a Designer, photographer, creative, artist in any field and wish to display your unique product by participating in the Ramadan Fair (other packages are also available) or to know more about the project & get your own space in the boutique with business support package call directly 00971561701555 or apply through the form

الى جميع المصممين تحيه طيبة, نود دعوتكم لالشتراك معنا في معرض لايف ستايل رمضان 2013 في بوتيك على شارع الجميرة في دبي! لمزيد من التفاصيل الاتصال على:00971561701555

We were delighted with the collections that the registered participants have already displayed at this Dubai's Life-Style Concept Boutique and hope you join them either as  a customer or as a partner.


  1. Hi please can you kindly tell me where the price and how long it would be for are?

    Many thanks

  2. Hi please can you kindly tell me where I can find prices and how long it is for?

    Many thanks

  3. Hello Err-Ban, yes sure!
    You can apply and our trusted representative will contact you back to give all requered information.
    You also can visit event page on FB:
    or call: +971561701555 to get speed all details you need.


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