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July 19, 2013


Khaleejia said: This time our Ramadan gathering was in a beautiful place decorated specially for Jalsat in Ramadan tents.

Invited by the only Emirati Quilling Queen - the very first accredited Emirati quilling artist Farah al Fardh who also launched her new accessories collection,
organized a beautiful gathering for us in the World Trade Center in Dubai where we met amazing people from differnt fields of Art, Media and film making. 

Our Jalsa was really nice and informative, people who were with us have unique personalities and global achievements, it is kind of school where you can learn life from all aspects in details.

 We discussed the new collection launched by Farah and her student presented us her own quilling artwork, it was so cute and even inspired me to try. Seemed that Farah got happy to know that her army of fans is growing. We had a great chat and conversation about Autism problems,  film ideas and how they were filmed. Strories behind the scene like one boy who lost his father during filming and needed financial support. New coming Gulf film about a girl who wants to ride a bicycle but in KSA it was not allowed so she joined the Quran competition to win money prise to buy a bicycle. We talked a lot but the most interesting was who we are and here is our story:

The Emirati Quilling Queen:
Farah is a very intelligent, beautiful and talented lady who discovered her interest to quilling back in 2004 when there was none in the UAE who even knew about it. She is saying "Until 2007 when I published my artwork on an online forum that I realized no one had even know about it, there wasn't even a name for it in Arabic! So I gave it the arabic name 'Fan laf al-warq', which means 'The art of rolling paper'." She saying that the beauty of paper quilling. Just like any other art, it leaves you with no limits as to what you can create. All you need is a few equipment & an imagination let loose.And wouldn’t it be a pity if the world doesn’t realize that such an incredible art exists?" So she started her campaign of promoting quilling art in UAE, GCC and the Middle East. Now she got her accreditation in this art, built her own website, started participating in the National project and even teach quilling anyone who is interested in it. Now her sister Amnah Al Fardh preparing to get the Guinness World Record for making 1145 quilling technique paper dolls. link to the news on 18 July 2013. Farah is excited about her sister but still is very humble and doesn't pretend to be mentioned in her sister's achievement. Well she has her own! She became the UAE's regional representative of the Quilling Guild, a UK organisation, and started to exhibit her works at home and abroad. She was further recognised in 2009 with the Tamaiaz Award for Entrepreneurship and again last year with a Sheikha Shamsa Award for Creative Women. Al Fardh took her skills to Jordan  to teach orphans quilling techniques, supported by the Jordan Joud Foundation, a children's charity. Their artwork was then exhibited at the Jordan Quilling Exhibition. Her students saying they are so happy to get to know quilling and thanks to Farah who actually did a great job by  spreading this good art among the nations and countries. Visit Farah's site:

 AMAL AL AGROOBI :Director of "Half-Emirati" and a Founder of emirates Cancer Foundation.

Among invited was one of the most popular Emirati film maker and founder of  Emirates Cancer Foundation  AMAL AL AGROOBI.  Those who may have not heard about her, definitely heard about the moot point film "Half Emirati" who raised a huge interest of the local society and discussed world wide. Being a director of this film she disclosed a problem of those who are half emirati half other nationality. Watch trailer to "Half Emirati" .Being herself UAE national with Syrian mother she consider herself Emirati and saying  " I think what  means to be an Emirati it is not the khaleeji dialect you speak, passport you have or dress you wear but it is when you would live and fight for this land, you would contribute to society, this society, in a positive way and ultimately, you know, sacrifice your life for the land in which you inhabit."  Her passion to what she does  gives a lot of value to what she present. Working on another film that featuring Autism will show the problem from different aspects and angles and attempt to find a solution.
Please visit her websites:

Beautiful & Strong Shatha Abdullah
Another amazing guest was Shatha Abdullah originally from KSA but who lives in UAE and work as Public Relation in Media. Fabulous, fashionable, stylish and successful woman who shocked me by saying that she is a single mother of two beautiful children while she was the initiator of the divorce.Woman who came out of "the man's world" often have different attitude to the divorce but she proved us that woman is able to be responsible and self-sufficient not only for her self but for her family as well the same time being a good model of the arab lady in the modern world.

HUDA Police officer with a Big Heart 
Now i will tell you about Huda, Farah's sister who has the most incredible story you may expect to hear in such place.  She is covered and wearing abaya, very sweet, easy going and educated lady.It was enough to know that this humble lady is a Police officer and moreover she works at the prison. Our chat was so normal, we laugh and joke about many things  unless she said, "You know, I have a Russia child". I though it is kind of a joke, and just replied her "you were joking", but she said, " No, i am serious, i have a daughter and she is a Russian, now she is playing there in Modhesh". A date stuck in my throat. "Huda, what are you talking about? you are an Emirati and your husband an Emirati, so  how come?" Then she said "Yes but ex-husband. He left me once i took the decision to adopt this girl. I promised it to myself. I knew i will face a lot of problems, but the decision was made." After she told me her story. Huda did a very brave act of kindness by becoming a mother for Russian child who lost her parents after birth. Knowing what kind of problems she would face by doing it she went for it despite everything. Getting nationality for the child was one of the biggest problem, but she managed with it by giving her Comoros passport. Huda said: The girl look like Russian but she speaks like us, Emiratis. I put henna on her hair to look more "acceptable", despite everything i love her so much and can't now imagine my life without her. Though the girl knows from where was her original mother, she anyway calls me "Mama". I am happy.

Farah was very smart to offer us best snacks in the world: Lugaimat and Mkasarat.

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