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September 12, 2009

make-up for-NOSE-for make-up

Khaleejia said:

Once it was mentioned in one of my previouse post about cosmetic/visual correction of the nose. but this time i have this very significant pictures of exactly khaleeji make-up that effect nose as well. It is so "IN" this season that i can't miss to post about it again. Now a lot of 5aliji girls to give their noses thiner and strighter look, start using this professional make-up technic for the daily practice. And day by day it becomes more&more popular. So me, since one year i included this to my full make-up steps, now can't imagine even to call make-up as "completed" without shading my nose,... and what abt you?

see here,it can be not so visible for non-expert look
but you of cause see that nose correction exist.

How to: the steps are so simple and easy but i wrote it just for formality .


1. shade the both sides of the nose with darker eye-shadows(matt), powder, conciler or foundation or tonal cream 1-2 tones darker than your skin.

2. lighten the centre of the nose with same staff but with a lighter tone for 1-3 than your skin.

3.smooth the edges of the applyed tones. No to vivid lines.Yes to natural looking shades.

-for 'long' noses to make 'em look shorter -do all the steps from the way1 + add some darker tone on the tip of the nose.

way 3
-for thin nose but who want to strike out this-apply some darker color just on the nose's wings.


  1. I saw this look before @ Marina Mall.. but I thought my eyes were trippin' on me!! Gotta give it to the 5aleejiyaat -- if there's a will there is surely a way :-P

    The most beautiful Emirati girls are not the ones with all the makeup, but natural and only wearing kohl.

    You should do a post on them, but only if u can find pictures!! For some reason I doubt you can find these types on the Internet??

  2. oh yes Aalia,u re right indeed.
    i think it sounds proudly"I doubt you can find... on the Internet"
    thanx for the idea i ll try it
    & for sure the most beautiful, those who consider themselves as the most beauteful do not like too much makiyazh and those who are considered as the original beautiful don't need all that stuff except ko7l to stay in the ppl's eyes as the most beautiful. hehe;)p
    make-up for 5alijiat is a significant part of life,as it's a part of traditions&culture i would say.and of cause this tradition start from the ko7l;)))))))

  3. lovee makeup... it can do sooo much fo a person.. would love to see your daily make up routine.. what you wear from start to finish.. which brands e.t.c.. u are a real inspiration ! thanks for thsi technique.. i will def try it
    thankuu once agen for the great postss.. i love coming on the site and seeing neww thingss
    sam xxx

  4. i always do this to my nose lol. it makes it look really cute and sleek.

  5. aSalam Alaikum Khaleejia ;)

    No offense to those who want to use makeup to hide what they think is thier flaws,but i think every woman has her own style of beauty, and to be honest no makeup technique is gonna hide a big or flat or whatever size nose...only plastic surgery will fix it, but why do that! Even if you put makeup, the sun and different lighting will show your true nose in sure can hide it, but in real life, if i saw that, id be thinking "hummm, she has makeup on her nose to make it look thin"....

    Embrace your own beauty, dont let anything let you down on yourself, we are all beautiful in our own unique ways...Whether you use makeup or not its your own choice and youll be beautiful both be honest, the bedouin nose mashallah is such a unique beautiful feature on those exotic looking faces!

  6. As salaam aleikum,
    do you know any online stores that sell khaleeji abayat?

  7. Sam,thank you for so nice words abt my posts,u made me keep up working on them more:) i actually always think abt such post as i finished beauty school and got a diploma of a beautician/make-up artist but always doubt abt who is interested.the next problem is i need some pictures or at least some photoshop sketches which take some more time to do.keep visiting my blog anyhow its on the row!!
    majda-thanx for sharing. agree with u.
    noora,thanx a lot for such nice comment,honestly, i had a nice time reading it :)))))) "hummm, she has makeup on her nose to make it look thin"....
    but habibti, would you think abt make-up on the eyes also- hmmmmm she color her eyes to make them look bigger&bluer/greener/other;)?

    agree, we really should appreciate our own unique beauty, for sure ,but make-up is just a tool to strike out that beauty that we own but was a little bit hidden as we can't see in the dark without light as some our beautiful features could not be noticed directly, or just like a diamond needs cuts.
    the matter is to like urself and to like another whatever her/his apperience is. we are all created by Allah and we never can complain.inshallah all of my readers think correct way. i also wanted to tell you as once in beauty salon i visited just for a henna and fatlah,i found girls preparing for wedding celebration. i was invited to help them with preparation as a make-up artist,well i agreed. one girl had really big and wide nose plus not perfect skin condition. i suggested her this technique and really her non proportional face with such nose changed to be smoother and it helped her as nobody after this small trick put first attention on her unique and not ordinary nose :) that was a solution,may be someone could hardly believe that but its really gives nice effect. anyhow i liked your opinion much!

    Hijab Chic i repost for you one of comment in my blog,ok? Salam Khaleejia, I am Alua18, the designer of the Abayas and license plate videos you posted. I don't mind that you posted them, I just wanted to tell you to please inform anyone who asks about these particular or similar Abayas, I have a new upcoming line coming in 2 months inshallah, and I would appreciate it if you could refer them to User name Alua18. Thanks!
    inshallah there will be use for you. also i ll ask some store if they do it or have information.


will appreciate your kind notes :)