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July 1, 2011

Creative you!

Khaleejia said: Hello to the all lovers of khaleeji culture! Today I am glad to invite you to the opening of the Khaleeji culture by your hands “SHOW-ROOM” project  where we are going to demonstrate handmade things that represent khaleeji culture, life style, attributes(abaya, burga3a,desdasha, sheylat, accessories, and etc.) or people portraits that are made by YOU!
This is not a contest but a chance  for you to share with the world some of your ideas, and views on khaleeji culture.
It doesn’t matter which nationality you are. The only matter thing is - do you like anything khaleeji ? if so than be creative and share this with us and the rest of the world!
Here are the rules how you can participate:
1. DoN’t hesitate our invitation!
2. Be creative !
3. Create anything that represent khaleeji culture or style by anyhow.(drawing,sewing, photography,fashion, make-up, henna, ANYTHING !!!! you choose)
4.Take a picture of it!
5. and Send it to   Submit your works till 31 of June
6. Wait a little  before it will be posted!
7. Enjoy with us !
That’s it! I really hope you all will take a part in the Khaleeji culture by your hands “SHOW-ROOM” project  !
Waiting for your works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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With love from Khaleejia


  1. that's a great idea!

    I will participate, but I need a couple of days to take the pics! I have 3 ideas at the moment. But it's eeeeeeeeasy for me, because khaleeji things are easily available to me :P

  2. This is great! Can't wait to show my creativity. Excited to see what everyone else will post.

  3. Alice, thanx dear for your fast reaction and looking forward to get your works! take your time!
    Ummuji, you re welcome hun,hope your comment will inspire other to participate as well! we all are so exited with this project! And can't wait to see what you and others will send!

  4. HAla Aalia! you gonna be excited! but what about you hun?! i belive you can do something too! yalla entathrech!

    Thanx to all who have already sent works! they all are amazing!!! hardly can't wait the end of the month to post all of them!

    For those who still on the way to prepare some creations and send it plz hurry up! but you still have time!! Good luck you all !

  5. woww this is amazing

    cant wait to see it alll


will appreciate your kind notes :)