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July 6, 2011

Emiratiah’s lifestyle

Khaleejia said: Caution! only for Emiratiah's apparel-style lovers)))
I guess, You all love something khaleeji otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And now i hope to fulfill your expectation with something  extremely  (in a good meaning of the word) khaleeji  as it is a modern twist of the Emirati heritage and luxury Emiratiah’s lifestyle’s apparel that makes all these creations to be so cool!
The work belongs to Aghnag Fashion Design, here is their publications from which you can know a little bit of the launched project by Haleema Seemba.
175198_192588964103253_158133810882102_619757_2512302_o khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design006
To see all published content and even order, visit her fb page or contact via
Here i post only some of the cutest Aghnag’s ideas.
khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design002khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design001  khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design003 khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design005khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design004  And my own favs:
 khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design008 khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design009
khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design010 khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design011 khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design012 khaleejia_aghnag_fashion_design013
With love by Khaleejia


  1. Amazing T-Shirts ! In which shop it is available and how much is one of them ?

  2. the link to fb and email are in the text of the post . checkit again plz

  3. These are beautiful clothes. She is very talented. Please check out my blog

    Keep up the good work. Thanks


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