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July 13, 2011

Styles of khaleeji fringes

Khaleejia said: To have long shining and strong hair is old Gulf tradition for women.khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle009
since Girls are born  they having their oils and henna treatment .  One friend of mine has got a newborn baby girl and she is very worried for her daughter’s hair as it is very 7afeef( light and thin). I tried to make her worries down by explaining that hair will be changed as this is still infant hair. But she tends to  keep her  worries. And i understand her as this is mentality and society’s standards as It is very important to have strong and healthy hair.We started looking for the treatments and decided to use coconut oil treatment applying for the whole night during one month to make them thicker and heavier. The rest is by Allah‘s Will.
The other  side of hair problems is how to have long  hair and the same time nice haircut. Nowadays we all are looking at Hollywood celebs trying to repeat their styles,makeup and haircuts as well. Then we go to beauty salon and asking hairdresser give us a Hally Berry look without trimming the length. But there is one more thing that make you recognize gulf girl among others. It is fringes, something that sadly appearing out of sheylah of some guls but i’m not about it.  who forbid have it ?! nobody ! we just should care more about our religion and going outside cover hair properly . Anyway back to fringes- it is part of hair that got a lot of creativity and attention for the last years. It has to be very cute, glam and give a beautiful shades to the face.
khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle004 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle002 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle001
 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle002 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle003 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle001khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle006 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle005 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle008 khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle004  khaleejia.blogspot.com_khaleeji_bangs_hairstyle007
and as additional i love Aryam’s new look by Joelle.  It’s so traditional and same time modern fresh look.
and here is her look before:

With love by khaleejia


  1. I love fringe! I think it looks great for everyone :)

  2. Salamualaikum! could you do a post on the henna and oil treatments you use? my hair has no problem growing, but it's dull and lacking shine, and i've tried sooo many things. i'd love advice! :D

  3. Can you give us some more info on the coconut oil treatment? I feel that my hair is kinda 7afeef as well :P I saw some coconut oil in Carrefour but I don't know if they were good. What do you recommend? Any help?


  4. Amal, thank you for sharing your opinion!Agree with you.

    Iman and Anon you just need to see this post i did back in 2008. great recipts for hair care

    feel free to ask me if you still need some more precise information. About coconut oil i prefer use "parashout" but moslty all of them are the same. and 1.about henna- my own way is to rinse hair with henna tea, some put henna for all night, some add oil to henna past -to avoid getting dry hair after, have shining hair ME PERSONALY apply some oil(zaitoon, coco, almond)on the length 2-3 hours before washing hair.
    There are lots of recipes.
    I prefer the easiest as the matter is to do it continously. That's it.

  5. hi there!how are you? nice post. i also used coconut milk (fresh coconut milk) with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice mix it together and leave it for 15 to 20 min. then rinse, but i never put henna/dye my hair eversince i have natural dark shiny black hair. coconut milk is really good for the hair.

  6. Hala Ms.M this is so nice from your side to share your way as well! so we can think that coconut is full of use)) u know, also there is very good mask made of KIWI mixed with karri and tablespoon of coconut oil. this makes hair very shiny, stronger and healthy)) apply before shower for 15 min up to 1 hour better cover hair with hot towel, then wash with shampoo.

  7. i love fringe but i just cant hve it, my wont cover my forehead n it will dirrectly go to side of my hair or flip back, its really sad, but alhamdulillah as a malaysian, my hair r totally different from the typical malay girls. i hve black n thick hair, but 1 prob im facing is hair fall


  8. I love all the different pictures and styles! I have a fringe now, but I was getting bored of it, now I will try something from here. Shukran :)


will appreciate your kind notes :)