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July 1, 2011

“Creative You!” SHOW-TIME!


Khaleejia said: Congratulations! 
We have safely came to this impatiently expected day!

I was so impressed with all those works i’ve been receiving during this time since Khaleeji culture by your hands “SHOW-TIME” project started that now i am just speechless and leave you all to let you simply ENJOY!

Huge thanx again to everyone who took part in the Project! I am pretty sure your work will reach hearts and amaze.
To those who wanted to participate but went out of time, we will definitely give this opportunity again!

So, here we go:
Great works
#1. by Nur Syabanah from Malaysia
That is her comment on her abaya design:
“I’m the person that love to wear abaya and i like to be different, i create this abaya because i want people want to wear it and stop thinking  negatively about it as some  people do,i hope my new design will remove all the negative critic about beautiful abaya and make people wanna wear it! Specially this design you can wear for casual  or formal look.”
khaleejia_project_creative_you_nur_syabanah2eb23e0f-bc10-4751-ace3-0b86bb1775b3-002 khaleejia_project_creative_you_nur_syabanah9745157a-c9fb-472b-9263-97b48df8d0d9-003 khaleejia_project_creative_you_nur_syabanahb895b23a-9980-4a3b-8444-d85591edacbf-001
   Give thumbs up!
Next is…
#2 Soyini Kerr
Designer of the Original Tiara Hijab Specializing in Abaya construction
That is what her says
“Here is an abaya I did. It is a butterfly style abaya with gold 3D flower trim. It is one of my favorite abayas. Aside from the abaya itself I think the flower trim gives it a real khaleeji feel.”
 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Soyini_Kerr butterfly abaya 001-001khaleejia_project_creative_you_Soyini_Kerr toshiba e files 191-002
Web Store: http://



Thank you Soyini!

#3. Layla Sisk

Beautiful Layla shares her Khaleeji Makeup look

khaleejia_project_creative_you_layla1305838376972-001  and…
Khaleeji sheylah/hijab wrap tutorials!!!:

Thumbs up to you too!

Thank you Layla for sharing with us your khaleeji creations! Love it!

#4 Sangmo from Germany,

Who has amazing hobby that is a “must see”:
Here is a comment of the author :
“Fashion drawing, design and embroidery is made by me. I make it just for fun as my hobby, because I love it.”
khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmomy design 007-008 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoHallo 156-003 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoHallo 154-002 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoKatalog 001[1]-005 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoHallo 128-001 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoKatalog 003[1]-007 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoKatalog 003-006 khaleejia_project_creative_you_songmoKatalog 001-004

Dear Sangmo,plz  tell us more about this art! It’s really amazing!


#5 Fatouma Nasr

Gorgeous woman originally from Madagaskar (living in France) with her muslim and khaleeji  life style:

khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasr28606_1268680721928_1377132749_30616881_6967861_n-007 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasrRAM-006 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasrKHALEEJI7-005 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasrKHALEEJI6-004 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasrKHALEEJI5-003 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasrKHALEEJI2-002 khaleejia_project_creative_you_Fatouma_nasrKHALEEJI-001 

Your photography is very khaleeji and absolutely fabulous!

Fatouma’s facebook group: - Hijab Style Zanatany Madagascar:
and blog:

Thank you for participating as well!


This is almost all for now. Plz if you read this post and like it don’t delay to 

give your feedbacks and comments!

With love by Khaleejia


  1. wow! I like all the pictures!

    Abaya with a pink bow by Nur Syabanah is very beautiful!

    Soyini Kerr's abaya is very nice and the flower trim is gorgeous!

    Layla Sisk is stunning! I wish I could do such beautiful khaleeji smoky eye make up!

    Sangmo is so talented mashallah! Impressive collages!

    Fatouma Nasr is a khaleeji queen :)

  2. Everything is beautiful...

  3. I love every picture and handmade work from all women. It is great to see that we are from around the world and we love the same style. The very, very old tradition of east Germany and east Europe is that girls got education at special girlschool to learn how to cook for a family and how to make embroidery on every singel thing in their home. The very old traditionel dresses from east Germany and east European peoples are similare to the arabic design, which are long dresses,long sleeves, headscarfes, scarfes and heavy embroidery on scarfes, sleeves and on the dresses.

    Greatings from Sangmo

  4. Amazing :) .Just love it .)Every picture is stunning .No more words :).I am loving KhaleejiIiiiiiiiiiiii.


will appreciate your kind notes :)