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July 19, 2011

Arabic jewelry my choice

Khaleejia said:
Couple of weeks ago my husband asked me to search through some gold stores for something I would like to have as my birthday gift. As I really wanted something special and cute I went to the local gold souk, visited some jewelry shops but did not find anything matching my taste nor did i feel special while trying them on. Then I decided to search online for some products and latest jewelry fashion in the Middle East. The market is very huge but there is one particular site I visited by chance and found very different and interesting. It, a jewelry manufacturing company from Saudi Arabia with the name Gold Craft شركة فن الذهب. I was also surprised to learn that they are delivering to any part of the world.

So my choice stops on this one as I see it over others for these 10 resasons:

First, I am so fascinated with their jewelry collection! This collection is exactly what i need.
Second, It is high quality jewelry and something new in the market
Third, Finely made masterpiece based on one of the best kind of the Arabian calligraphy
I am sure that Arabian calligraphy is one of the most attractive and beautiful thing in the world that is loved by people from different nations and countries and to have it as jewelry piece with anything written is a big pleasure. 

Fourth, All name jewelry is made to order and processed once the order is placed.! So, to have your name written in it is exactly what this company does. It would make you feel even more pleased, special and unique as this jewelry becomes very close to the wearer since it says his/her name on it. This makes the person special as the jewelry is designed for that person only. Additionally the person receives it from someone special to him or her. I love their ideas! 

Fifth,  I am sure it looks great when it’s worn with an abaya or any other outfit. I believe, it will finely decorate any clothes and any personal style. 

Sixth,  Finally there is a gift for MEN other than perfumes, pens, and watches...

Also there is one more interesting  thing why I chose this company's jewelry is:

Seventh,  this company history starts from 1952  when a master craftsman by the name of Abdul Basit Quraishi opened his small gold craft shop  and this has some meaning as one of the oldest Saudi tribe to which belongs  our Prophet , peace be upon Him,  is  Quraish. And this is kind of respect and small chance to feel closer to this famous place.

I really wish this company has branches around the Middle East and not only in KSA but good for us that: 

Eighth, they have web-site with all items list, prices and full order and delivery information worldwide as well. So no upset for the rest of the Middle East and the globe! 

They are very fast to respond on the requests and very friendly giving much attention to what you need.

and finally ... 

Tenth, I hope that I’ll enjoy "My Precious Love” gift throughout my life.
Here are the links and some info and pictures of their awesome jewelry collection:

Seasons collection:280373_201755743209493_169869216398146_610305_8339782_o260385_201828599868874_169869216398146_610492_3930880_n
Quraishi Collection:264223_204121662972901_169869216398146_618544_8210634_n
 191793_173259522725782_169869216398146_440949_2260069_o (1)  My precious love: 193595_173260372725697_169869216398146_440963_5290184_o
272999_201833116535089_169869216398146_610496_5279438_o 273163_201836206534780_169869216398146_610504_7218418_o 278459_201834983201569_169869216398146_610498_8110332_o 278847_201836879868046_169869216398146_610506_3685284_oMy dearest daughter collection:
197114_173261172725617_169869216398146_440967_196000_n  280927_201846186533782_169869216398146_610541_2404662_o
and even more:
  gf_MG_2238__61455_thumb gf_MG_2875__78591_std IMG_4680e__76191_thumb SN-E-31_1__21652_thumbSN-B-25_2__49722_thu SN-B-26_1__65921_   SN-R-53__51247_zoom fdgdfgdf__89459_thumb
Facebook page:


P.S. While i was downloading these pictures for the post my dearest husband kindly asked me to not forget his birthday as well and so quietly hinted that he liked those studs and beads..! oh man! heh))


  1. Salam aleykum,

    They are nice, but you can`t wear it when you go to the toilet if there are holy words on your jewelry.

    XO Arezu

  2. Beautiful jewelry! Thank you so much for sharing, now I know where to go for gifts and wish lists :)

  3. OMG, that's beautiful!!

    I loved the pendants with Arabic words... very nice.

    The set for the young girls is beautiful too!

  4. How lovely

    رمضان مبارك |
    Ramadan Mubarak
    اللهم بلغنا رمضان |
    Oh Allah, allow us to witness the month of Ramadan


will appreciate your kind notes :)